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The Uclés Abbey (Cuenca) was established by the Orden de Santiago in the sixteenth century giving name to the range of wines Abadía de Uclés, from Bodegas Laiz Montiano. An emblematic monument in the area where we produce our Uclés wines, a masterpiece stradding between fortress and holy place.

Same as the monastery, mixing of artistic styles, so are our wines, fuits of wineyards planted in deep soil of sandy texture suitable for the growing of vines. Regarding the altitude , we are about 700 meters, an important characteristic in order to produce quality grapes.

Regarding thermal regime, the climate is generally continental. The differences of temperature between day and night are remarkable in the ripening period of the grapes.

Rainfall is less than 500 mm, with periods of drought that usually coincide with the hottest season, between the months of June and August.

The sum of these features EDAFO-CLIMATIC define an ideal area for producing outstanding wines of high quality and a climate with large temperature variations between day and night offers a higher concentration of the grape.

The grape harvest is done, almost entirely, manually, by grading the grapes, depending on the age of the vineyard, for each type of wine.

The breeding takes place in French Bourdeaux and American barrels, which will endow our red wines with those spiced and roasted nuances of great uniqueness and elegance.

Bodegas Laíz Montiano commercializes various types of wines: young white, rosé, red wines and red wines with different “Crianza” (vintage wines)

Bodegas Laiz - Montiano Bodegas Laiz - Montiano Bodegas Laiz - Montiano
Bodegas Laiz - Montiano Bodegas Laiz - Montiano Bodegas Laiz - Montiano

Bodegas Laiz - Montiano - Felipe IV, 3. 3ºI. Madrid 28014 - Tel. +34 912 203 025 -

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    Macabeo White Wine
    Tempranillo Semi-Swet Rose Wine
    Tempranillo Red Wine
    Barrel-Aged Tempranillo Red Wine 2011
    Barrel-Aged Tempranillo Red Wine 2010
    Barrel-Aged Syrah Red Wine 2011
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